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Yohar Renaud


With over 7 years of retail tenant representation experience, Yohar thrives as a Vice President at Mattis Partners. His efficiency and versatility allow him to play a key role in keeping deals moving forward. Armed with a phone in each hand, he is responsible for managing each component of every transaction as the team works toward a successful close.

When he isn’t running in the early hours of the morning, you can find him on a tennis court competing for the next win. Yohar is a self-proclaimed Starbucks addict, and he isn’t ashamed to tell you that your life might be a little better if you drank a latte every once in awhile.

Yohar is grateful that he works with clients who appreciate the intricacies of the Pacific Northwest, but more importantly, he appreciates the community of Seattle. Yohar has stated that as the city grows, he continues to grow with it, and he is more than content to watch this progress with the Mattis Partners team by his side.

What Three Words Would People Use to Describe You?

Energetic Witty Dependable
"Reality isn't idealistic." - Unknown -