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Kyle Herting


Kyle joined Mattis Partners with a strong background in landlord leasing and tenant representation. A self-proclaimed army brat, Kyle has lived in more states than most people outside of real estate have ever even been to. Adaptability and work ethic are skills engrained in him that have translated perfectly into his role representing national tenants on their Washington state rollouts. He is uniquely comfortable with being uncomfortable, and has been a critical asset to uncovering information and site opportunities that can’t be found behind the comfort of a computer.

When asked about significant accomplishments, one’s mind may go to graduating from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Science in Business, or possibly his first real estate deal (a prestigious tenant called Smoke and Beer), but what immediately comes to Kyle’s mind is his first back flip on a snowboard. I guess that explains why his favorite movie is The Art of Flight.

He credits his discipline and appreciation for hard work to his father and his acceptance of people for who they are to his mother. These are key reasons why he transitions new clients into the market with ease, and executes ferociously on their behalf.

What Three Words Would People Use to Describe You?

Sociable Adaptable Driven
"Let Deeds Match Words" - Plautus -