Tenant Services

We look at real estate through the eyes of the client by understanding each nuance that makes their value proposition significant to the customer. We have a knack for making the best real estate available regardless of whether it’s actively listed. It is with this approach that our clients look at us as partners in their on-going strategic rollout. With our deep understanding of each submarket’s dynamics and our attention to detail during each phase of a client’s rollout, we’re poised and confident that we can help each and every client reach their goals.

Entitlement & Development Services

Extensive knowledge of the real estate market overlaid with some of the most active growth tenants in the Pacific Northwest, we possess the market knowledge to assist our clients in their strategic expansion. We bring years of experience successfully assisting with the entitlement of the most complicated ground-up projects. Whether it’s a rezone, conditional use permit or a unique municipal requirement, we have the ability and wherewithal to help our clients achieve their objective of obtaining the necessary permits.

In addition, we provide build-to-suit programs for expanding tenants, asset repositioning and ground up development services in joint ventures and other structures.

Investment Services

Strong market knowledge with our hand on the pulse of the capital markets allows us to assist our clients with the disposition and acquisition of investment properties. Due to our superior underwriting and technical analysis, our clients’ needs are met with the highest quality service and expertise. Our clients can view each opportunity with confidence that they are achieving their objective.